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I had a devastating bike accident on a trail near our home in Plano, TX in August of 2017.  As I rounded the corner on what appeared to be perfectly dry pavement, my bike hit something slippery and went out from under me.  I’m a big guy at 6’5″, so I had a long way to fall.  By the grace of God, I didn’t hit my head (I wasn’t wearing a helmet), but I did land hard enough to shatter my right elbow…so, it was pretty bad for someone in their mid-60’s.  Four plates and 12 screws later, here is a view of my elbow after the 5-hour surgery.  The idea of using a natural, alternative antibiotic had not crossed my mind at this point.

Post-Op Complications

About 30 days after leaving the hospital, I noticed a reduced range of motion in my arm.  Plus, the injured area was unusually warm, and swelling had gotten worse, as seen in the photo on the left.  Inflammation was definitely increasing.  Time for another trip to the ER and another surgery to clean the hardware and evaluate the tissue inside and out.  The doctors found the beginnings of MSSA, which is an “antibiotic-sensitive” form of staph bacteria.  Thankfully, it wasn’t the more virulent form known as MRSA/”methicillin-resistant” staph aureus.  Naturally, more IV antibiotics followed, including Vancomycin, one of the most powerful ones known.  After another week in the hospital, I was sent home with an IV line in my left arm.  I was supposed to self-administer pre-loaded IV antibiotics three times a day for six weeks.  What a royal pain in the butt!  The line soon developed a leak at the insertion point and was a constant nuisance.  After a few days and two or three trips to the ER to fix the leak, I finally had the line pulled, and I was switched to a couple of oral antibiotics.  The infectious disease doc sarcastically said, “If the oral meds work for you, you’ll be one of the lucky ones.”

Self-Treatment Options

At this point, I started taking THIS stabilized garlic extract called Allimax Pro.  Plus, I used Solaray Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate (TGJC) from the first day for pain and swelling.  The TGJC was so effective, I had almost no need for typical pain meds and no need at all for any anti-inflammatories.  This was a real blessing because I had a bad reaction to IV Indomethacin (industrial strength Ibuprofen).  They gave it to me for typical reasons, but also to slow down bone material deposition in the joint.  If bone material is deposited too quickly, or in excess, it will severely affect ultimate joint mobility.  However, the Indomethacin wound up causing a temporary heart rhythm disturbance…VERY SCARY.  Because of that single incident, I am now labeled as a “heart patient” at that particular hospital, even though every test since then shows no heart condition, and I have never had a repetition of the rhythm issue.  My pharmacist told me later, very matter of factly, that “everyone knows” that Indomethacin is notorious for this side effect.  It even carries a “black box” warning for this issue.  Needless to say, I flatly refused any further doses of the drug, despite opposition from the attending doctor. Guess I have to make sure I never go back to that hospital if I want to avoid the cardiac care floor with all their extra monitors.  With 24/7 commotion (blood sampling, noise, nurse shift changes, etc.) how in the heck does anyone EVER recover from anything in the hospital?  I have no idea.

I want to encourage you, or your loved ones (if you are unable), to be YOUR OWN ADVOCATE in the hospital, when absolutely necessary!  You have every right to do so.  Your life may very well depend on it!

A Natural Antibiotic Rescued My Arm From Staph

This is a view (look past the hair!) where you can barely see any scarring.  Allicin has fantastic infection-fighting benefits.  In fact, this powerful, natural garlic ingredient has many other amazing health-enhancing properties and may just be able to save your life.

For those of you with an interest in more detailed medical information, I have included some PubMed studies below.  All this information will help you decide if Allicin is worthy of inclusion in your natural remedies arsenal.




Here are a few of many relevant PubMed studies:


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